Hey guys!

Just wanted to say I’m going to be posting a bunch of new work on my art tumblr so head over and give it a follow if you don’t already!

Also, pass on the message! My poor art blog still has under 50 followers, and I would love for my art to reach a wider audience, so it’d be rad if you could help me out a bit.

Thanks everyone!

  1. Camera: Photo Booth

If you guys could please follow and share this it would help get my name out there… I believe in the power of Tumblr!

Help a starving artist out and share my painting with the world

So, I was unaware of the amount of love I was getting on my art blog recently! Thanks everyone so much!

If you haven’t check it out yet, its KeightMacLeanArt.

Oh God, you’re killing me here.